How we’re helping our people do what they love with Nirvana Leave

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard
November 29, 2022

At Cape, we are on a mission to help businesses unlock  ‘Complete Expense Nirvana.’ 

We believe that in order to achieve our mission, we need to find Nirvana and fulfilment within our own lives first. That’s why we’re proud to offer every member of the Cape team five days of paid Nirvana Leave per year (on top of their annual leave). 

Along with offering a flexible hybrid working model, we want to encourage our team to do what they love, pursue their hobbies and make time for activities that support their well-being and personal growth. 

As the saying goes, “put on your own oxygen mask before helping others”. 

Based on countless research, we know that looking after our team’s well-being offers stacks of benefits beyond boosting productivity and output. A happier team is a more united team, with these benefits flowing onto the quality of work they produce, too. 

Ready to learn more about Cape’s Nirvana Leave philosophy and how we’re helping our team prioritise what they love? Keep on reading! 

What is Nirvana Leave? 

In a nutshell, our new Nirvana Leave policy gives our team five additional days of paid leave to take part in hobbies, interests and experiences that positively impact themselves and the community. 

We know that everyone’s passions, interests and hobbies are vastly different and how employees choose to spend their Nirvana Leave is unique, too. 

But we also want to make sure people are making an impact with their time, which is why we've built this leave policy to align with three key areas:

  1. Self: This comes down to overall well-being and growth. Whether that’s looking after your mental health by taking some time to recharge, prioritising your physical health or putting your well-being first. 
  2. Impact: Our team is encouraged to give back to causes that they are passionate about, want to learn more about or champion. This could be anything from getting involved in their community, volunteering or even helping a friend move. 
  3. Experience: Even though work plays a massive role in our lives, there are a lot of amazing things to experience in this world. That’s why Cape encourages our team to tick off bucket list items, experience an adventure abroad or even take a ceramics course they’ve always wanted to try. We encourage team members to use Nirvana Leave to feel alive and aligned. 

How does the team at Cape accrue Nirvana Leave? 

Nirvana Leave is accrued annually on a pro-rata basis. The team is encouraged to chat with their leader about how they intend to use Nirvana Leave and explain how it aligns with either their self, impact or experience so we can ensure the leave is being used to positively impact themselves or others. 

So, how does Nirvana Leave differ from Community Service Leave? Nirvana Leave is a new type of paid leave and an additional perk to help our people make time for what they love (and activities that will help them make an impact). 

How the Cape team have embraced Nirvana Leave

We’re so thrilled to see how our team have embraced our new leave policy with open arms and put this new philosophy into action. 

  • Our founder and CEO, Ryan recently took some time to himself and went to watch the Andrea Bocelli concert in the Hunter Valley with his partner. 
  • Our amazing UI designer, Ana, attended an arts  festival which is heavily aligned with her spirituality and approach to life. 
  • I took part in a training program to become a BeyondBlue Ambassador. 

We know life can get a little hectic at times and finding the space for what we love can be a tough juggling act. That’s why Cape is really proud to offer Nirvana Leave to provide our team with opportunities to explore their passions, foster their interests and take part in experiences that leave the world better than we found it. 

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard
November 29, 2022