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Disconnected systems, chasing and overspending giving you a headache? Get complete end-to-end control of cards, budgets, tracking and recording. Empower employees to make your money do more.
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Custom-limit cards

Issue physical and virtual cards by team or employee, each with its own custom spend limits and policies.

Seamless integration

Cape connects to your accounting software with just a few clicks, then updates in real-time, keeping finances in sync.

Manual costs money

Save time and money by automating tedious bookkeeping tasks and expense reports. Set auto-reminders for receipt submission.

Always in the loop

Stay informed and keep spending on track with clear, up-to-the-minute insights. Need spend notifications? You've got it.

Save on subscriptions

Dozens of subscriptions in different countries and currencies can be an FX nightmare. Consolidate and save with Cape.