Pain-free BUSINESS budgeting SOFTWARE

Take care of every cent, card, and colleague and never go over budget again. Individual cards give freedom and flex, while keeping spending under control automatically. Plus the data you need, all in one place.

Stop overspend in its tracks

Spreadsheets, loose receipts, and overspending employees. What a pain! See spend data, issue cards, and set limits on a single platform. Portion your total budget by team, and never go a dollar over again.

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Automate your workflows

Your transactions, total spend, and approval processes together as one. Turn manual data entry and endless chasing into automation that’s easy and scalable.

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Simple monthly limits

Budget holders assign cards with access to set amounts, making overspend impossible, while giving employees the speed and freedom to buy what they need.

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Effortless spend monitoring

Lost track of subscriptions? See who’s spending where, how much, on what, and with which card. Restrict spending by category, merchant, even days of the week.

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Stay two steps ahead

Set up spending policies and one-click approval to speed up reconciliation and keep the books in ship shape. Connect your accounting software for the ultimate sync.

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Easily view department spend on the Cape dashboard.
Search and filter spend per individual on the Cape dashboard.

Facilitate and communicate

Allocate spend control to budget owners, while maintaining an overall view of spending. Search, filter, download and share data easily between teams.

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Frequently asked questions

What is business budgeting software?

Business budgeting software helps you set spending limits, track expenses, and automate the execution of a company-wide budget. It’s a once-and-done setup to enforce company expense policies powered by the issuing of corporate cards to your team with controls using spend management software. You’ll also get an overview of your growth, profitability, and insights into improving the financial performance of your business.

What program is best for business budgeting?

The best business budgeting tool depends on your situation. However, we recommend looking for an expense management solution that combines corporate cards, budgets, spend controls, expense reconciliation, and financial insights into one platform.

Why is budgeting important in business?

Business budgeting helps you plan how your business spends its money, so you don't spend more than you have in the bank and maintain adequate cash flow to run the business. Effective business budgeting looks at both short-term and long-term expenses, breaks down budgets by department, sets appropriate spend controls for team members, and automates tracking and enforcement of the budget using software.

How do you prepare a business budget?

Here’s a quick way to prepare a business budget:

  • Create rules for your budget, such as what portion of your budget goes to each department
  • Calculate and compare fixed vs variable expenses
  • Ensure you have ‘cash in the bank’ beyond the set budget
  • Establish a vehicle for managing the budget, such as issuing corporate cards to your team and integrating them with spend management software
  • Set up your master and department budgets using your software of choice to automate its enforcement
  • Track and analyse your budget’s performance
  • Make changes as needed
  • Forecast your revenue
  • Choose an appropriate business budgeting software

What are the basic elements of a business budget?

The basic elements of a business budget include:

  • Forecasted revenue
  • Fixed costs and one-off expenses
  • Variable expenses
  • Money in the bank
  • Cash flow
  • Profit