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The smart choice for accountants, bookkeepers, and advisors wanting to grow their practice: we make it easy to join the Cape partnership program - and even easier to help your clients start spending smarter.
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joining Cape’s partner program
Feature on our directory
We work with a range of companies from across a variety of industries who need business services like yours, and who trust Cape Partners. Sign up today to be added to our Accountant Directory to access free referrals
Get paid for referrals
Refer clients to Cape and earn a finder’s fee or revenue share. It's the perfect additional income stream on top of the work you're already doing. The best part? Your competitors don't know about us yet.
Leave onboarding to us
We provide your clients with demos and show them how to spend smarter with Cape. Need help with marketing collateral to promote the partnership? We've got that covered, too.
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