Real-time reporting for all non-payroll spend

Access spending insights based on industry benchmarks, banking data, and corporate card spend. Make faster, more informed decisions with full visibility into company finances.
Cape desktop app

Get company-wide visibility

Have full visibility into your team’s spend, and empower employees to make smart decisions with their corporate cards. Your whole team can view spend analytics and see how purchases will impact a budget, all before they make a payment.

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Track every expense, drive growth

Build more accurate forecasts by analysing up-to-the-minute spend data and patterns. Search and filter transactions by cardholder, merchant, location, and more to identify ways to cut wasteful spending.

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Control employee spending

Analyse spending activity by employee to identify top spenders, opportunities for redistributing budget, and to alert your team if they’re getting close to their card limit. Make changes in a few clicks so you don’t lose momentum.

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Unlock personalised insights

Cape reviews every transaction, compares it with industry benchmarks, and informs your finance team of wasteful spending or savings opportunities. It’s like having a second finance team dedicated to combing through your expenses! (Only available on our 'Scale' plan)

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