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Save time and money with Cape

Power up your payments, policies and people with Cape's expense management platform. Spend smarter, reduce wasteful spending and grow your business.

Saving time, money and tomorrow

Cape's spend control gives your team the power to spend easily without ever losing control and never going over budget.
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Building better budgeting

Using Cape, your budget owners can make fast decisions with all the information they need.
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Payment to ledger in an instant

Reconcile in real time and close your books with a powerful accounting experience tailor-made for businesses.
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Join the expense management revolution

Cape gives your team the cards and software to automate everything. No more out-dated systems and manual processing to reach expense approval.
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Over $100,000 in partner rewards

Want to save money and be the first to access Partner rewards? Of course you do. Access to over $100,000 worth of exclusive savings and rewards with Cape.
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