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Why Cape?
Best in class FX
Reduce the cost of your subscriptions, by taking advantage of the best FX rate in Australia
Strengthen your cash flow
Optimise your cash flow with up to $500k charge card facility
Early access to new features
Join as our platform evolves to lock in preferential rates

Why Cape?

Flexible corporate cards
Issue physical and virtual cards with custom limits by amount, merchant, even days of the week. Freeze and cancel easily, and never go over budget.
Simple spend controls
Set and adjust spending limits in a few clicks, so you and your team can chase big ideas without going over budget.
Up to $500k credit
Cape is a card that grows with you. Based on our risk assessment and your financials, you can get between $5,000 and $500,000 AUD credit per month with your Cape card.
No FX fees
Major banks charge various fees with confusing names. These fees quickly add up and can get as high as 7% per transaction. We don't charge a fee for international transactions, and there are no other fees on Cape's BETA program.
Complete expense nirvana
Complete expense nirvana
Compiling expense reports and chasing receipts for a growing business puts everyone behind. Automate your policies, tailor by department, enjoy expense nirvana.
Painless accounting integration
Cape connects to your existing accounting software so you can track and manage spending together and in real-time.

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