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Cape corporate cards are made for you, with easy issuing and tracking, custom limits, and zero FX fees. Get between $5k–$500k/month to grow your business with confidence.
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Corporate cards for growth

No ‘one size fits all’ corporate cards here.

Tell us what you need and we’ll find the right card for you and your team. Issue as many as you like, physical or virtual.
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Apply online in minutes
You’ve got a business to run. Give us the essentials and we’ll get to work.
Connect your accounting software
This will speed up your application. You can upload statements too, if you prefer.
Get approval in as little as 2 hrs
It’s all hands on deck to process your application. 1-2 days is normal, but we can approve in as little as 2 hours.
Start using your cards
Issue employees with corporate cards, customise the way they can spend, set limits, and track everything from a simple dashboard.

Cash flow consistency

Smooth out volatility and unexpected expenses with custom limits and a consistent flow of cash, powering up the team to focus on growth.

Cards on demand

Issue physical and instant virtual cards to team members and departments, freeze anytime. No more reimbursements or chasing receipts.

See more, do more

Track spending, adjust limits, and manage subscriptions all in one place. Save time, plus hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Save on fees

Doing business globally? We don’t charge FX fees on transactions. Set limits for when, where, and how much can be spent with individual cards, and we’ll uphold policies automatically. From lunch to software subscriptions, we’ll keep you in the know.
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frequently asked

What is a corporate card?

A corporate card is a business credit, debit, or charge card whereby the business is legally responsible for the charges made on the card rather than the individual. Corporate cards provide you with cash flow consistency and enable your team to spend within budgets.

Is a corporate card a credit card?

A corporate card isn't always a credit card. Credit cards have a set limit, and your charges will accrue interest. With a credit card, you pay the outstanding balance and interest back over a period of time in installments. Alternatively, some corporate cards are charge cards, not credit cards. Charge cards also provide a limit but must be paid back via direct debit in a set time, usually 30 to 60 days. Corporate cards are often integrated with expense management software to manage business expenses and reduce wasteful spending.

How do I get a corporate card?

Getting a corporate card is relatively easy if you have established a business. To get a corporate card, simply fill out an application form online, provide your business financial information, wait for the underwriting team to approve your application and determine a limit, then order and start using your card. Each corporate card provider has its own criteria for applying, so be sure to read the terms and conditions.

Can a corporate card be used for personal use?

While putting personal expenses on your corporate card isn't illegal, it's usually against the terms of service with your card provider. It also comes with tax implications. It's best to separate business and personal expenses so you don't run into trouble.

Does a corporate card affect my credit score?

Some corporate card providers will run a hard enquiry on your credit history and/or report your repayment behaviour to credit bureaus in the case of credit products. Your overall credit usage and behaviour may affect your credit score. At Cape, we only run soft credit checks. A soft credit check won't affect your credit score; however, the application will show on your credit report.

Do corporate cards have limits?

Yes, all corporate cards have a limit, even if that limit is implied. Many providers won't advertise maximum credit limits because they determine individual limits based on the company's financial performance. You will need a good business credit rating, consistent revenue, and minimal other debt to get a high credit limit with a corporate card. Cape offers credit limits up to $500,000, and you can assign portions of that limit to your team using our spend management software.