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We’re for businesses who want to save more, and grow more. Because with clear insights and the right tools, you can do both.

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Save more, grow more

Businesses are having to do more with less. That either means compromising, or getting smarter with how they spend. Cape exists for the people who refuse to compromise. We build expense management products that save time and money by making efficiency and ease one and the same. From consolidating subscriptions to save up to $1 million a year, to issuing custom-limit corporate cards for better spend tracking, we do the usual things unusually well.

Values matter to us

The Cape values guide how we work. They inform how we treat our customers, our team members, and how we build our products.

Our values

Simpler is smarter

Simpler is smarter

Business is hard. Paying for it shouldn’t be. We find ways to simplify everything we do, so we can get more done and do it more efficiently.

Actions need ownership

Actions need ownership

We own our decisions every day and we aren’t afraid to fail. Failure is how we grow. It moves us forwards and keeps us ahead of the curve.

Visible for all

Visible for all

We’re open, transparent and inclusive. And we always will be. We’re proud of our innovations and want to share them with the rest of the world.

Empathy not ego

Empathy not ego

It’s not about us, it’s about them. We empower people to go big and go far. And we always see things from their point of view.


Cape is used by a huge range of clients, and we’re building a team to reflect this.

We’re committed to creating a safe and inclusive place to work, made up of people from different backgrounds, with different experiences and identities. We believe that this makes us better as a team, and helps us to build better products.


Cape is committed to keeping sustainability at the core of business operations. Our corporate cards are all proudly produced using recycled materials. We have an office recycling and waste reduction program, and use sustainable suppliers for office supplies, catering, and merch. Plus, we openly support our team with resources and training to increase home energy efficiency and reduce costs for remote working. We are proud to announce that we are working towards our B-Corp certification and are partnered with the Mastercard Priceless Planet Program.

We're hiring

At Cape we have an evergreen hiring philosophy. That means even if you don’t see your position listed, we still want to hear from you. Check our open positions, or drop us an email at careers@getcape.io.

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