Need a NAB alternative?
Try Cape.

NAB is a traditional old school corporate card provider with basic software, limited controls. They also push businesses through a manually slow application, approval and onboarding journey.

On the other hand, Cape is specifically designed to be a smart, user-friendly, and cost-effective business credit card solution. From instant approvals to top-notch support and higher card limits, Cape is the standout choice for today’s businesses. Make the switch to Cape and see the difference for yourself.

Compare Cape Vs
National Australia Bank (NAB)

Picking the right corporate card can transform how you manage your business finances.

With Cape, there's no waiting around. Enjoy instant approvals and start managing expenses immediately versus NAB's lengthy approval process and time consuming credit checks on every Director.

What’s more, travel the globe worry-free with Cape’s zero foreign exchange fees. NAB, on the other hand, charges a hefty 3% fee with uncompetitive rates.

Let's dive into how Cape stacks up against NAB and discover which card is the best match for your needs.

Physical corporate card
3x higher credit limits
Limits up to $500k
Limits typically up to $150k
Instant approvals
Up to 5 days just for the initial application to be reviewed.
Free FX
No. It's 3% and a non-competitive conversion rate.
Simplified cost effective fee structure
$60 to $295 per cardholder per year.
Seamless employee onboarding
Every director has to perform a personal credit check.
No need to visit a bank branch to prove identity
Seamlessly add employees to your account
5-10 business days is estimated. Need to download, fill out, sign & send a form via email to request to add every new employee
Instantly change the credit limit allowance an employee can access
Download, fill out, sign & send a form via email every time you need to make a credit limit change for employees balance.
Merchant categorisation controls
Receipt scanning and management
Not available on the NAB App.

Top 3 reasons why business and finance leaders choose Cape

Cape is designed to be a smart, user-friendly, and cost-effective corporate card solution. From instant approvals to top-notch support and higher card limits, Cape is the standout choice for today’s businesses. Make the switch to Cape and see the difference for yourself.

Get a more efficient corporate card

Issue unlimited physical cards with the most widely accepted network in Mastercard. Cape provides a free, global card program with 3x higher limits than NAB, 0% FX Fee spending, along with incredible rewards. Upgrade to a smarter corporate card today.

Control spend before it happens

Prevent overspending with Cape's advanced card controls. Block spending at merchant categories such as hospitality venues and ATM withdrawals. Whilst ensure precise control over every employee's spending with individual limits that can be created in seconds for optimal financial management.

Real-time spend tracking

Admins and employees can see how much has been spent and what’s been purchased in real time — on everything from transfers to card swipes — with our recently updated search feature. Ensure complete transparency and control over your corporate expenses.

Not our words. Yours

James Bowe, Co-Founder, OwnHome
We're more than just the number on the card; Cape were keen to understand our business needs and how they can be an effective partner.
James Fyfe, CEO, Portant
We've moved across our cards from one of the big banks, and the drop in FX fees alone is saving us tons of money.

Matt Almond, CEO & Co-Founder, UpSure
Cape’s eliminated the crazy fees that other cards were charging, and it’s allowed us to move our USD subscriptions over, saving a heap of money.

Frequently asked questions

Is it easy to switch from NAB to Cape 

Absolutely! Cape’s dedicated onboarding team will get your teams set up in no time. With extensive knowledge of other systems and seamless configuration capabilities, we make migrating your existing solution to Cape a breeze.

Need a little extra assistance? Cape offers 24/7 support to answer any questions you have, with dedicated phone and chat support for admins and bookkeepers.

Why is Cape better than NAB

Cape is designed to help businesses streamline their spend management. With corporate cards, expense management, travel, and spend controls all in one place, it simplifies compliance with policies and spend limits for your employees and gives your finance team more control over spending.

Here's how Cape stands out compared to NAB and other competitors:

  • Set spend limits to control expenses before they happen.
  • Make payments with your locally issued cards on foreign goods and services with no FX fees and at the most competitive wholesale FX rate.
  • Automate expenses for thousands of merchants.
  • Enjoy an intuitive user experience for employees.
  • Gain real-time visibility into card transactions.
  • Manage local and global spending all in one place.

How can Cape help with corporate travel? 

Cape lets you establish pre-approved spend limits and policies for booking and managing travel and events. Employees simply log into their account, book flights and accommodations within the assigned budget and policy.

When employees reach their travel destination, they can use their Cape card to expense taxis, dinners, or any other approved expenses within the travel policy with the added benefit of no FX fees. It’s a fully integrated corporate travel booking system — a key reason why finance teams prefer Cape over other options.

How does Cape improve real-time visibility vs NAB?

Seeking an alternative to NAB that offers greater visibility over spend? Cape is your solution. With live spending on Cape, you can easily group and delegate spend across your organisation using spending limits.

This provides top-down control to view and manage spending, offering a live comparison of actuals vs budgets. Plus, it empowers employees to spend smarter with built-in policies and controls that automate expenses and enhance compliance.