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The CFO Centre is a global group of outsourced Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) united in the common purpose of helping business owners and managers live the life they choose by defining and delivering on the numbers that REALLY matter. Originating in the UK, The CFO Centre has over 700 CFOs globally across 18 countries, and with a national footprint across Australia and New Zealand.

By providing highly qualified and experienced part-time / as-needed CFOs for ambitious businesses, without the costs of a full-time employee, we work closely with the managing director, existing CFO or finance team to deliver strategic financial support - all within a tailored engagement and agreed workplan.

The CFO Centre is committed to helping businesses achieve their strategic objectives, as well as ensuring the business owner(s) can realise their own personal goals. We have the connections and experience to help all business types survive, stabilise, and thrive. The benefits of our involvement, in the eyes of our clients, include strategic clarity, better information for confidence in decision-making, improved profitability, healthier cash-flow, less stress, more time for other things, and a higher business valuation.

Our part-time CFO will not only save you time and reduce stress, but help you to:

·       Get a better understanding of your business in terms of what is working well and not so well.

·       Understand your company’s finances and the drivers of cashflow, profit and business value.

·       Eliminate or at least reduce cash-flow problems.

·       Identify cost-savings within your business.

·       Improve your profits.

·       Create a realistic business plan with clear strategic objectives.

·       Make the plan a reality with regard to implementation and monitoring.

·       Find sources of new funding when required.

·       Build value and ultimately sell your business or pass over to the next generation (if that is your goal!).

Whilst we offer a virtual service for remote-based businesses across Australia and New Zealand, we typically enjoy working on-site with our clients and strive to form long-lasting relationships with the business owner and their team based on value creation and trust.


For more information, please visit our website ( or call us on 1300 447 740.

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