What are the benefits of using a Cape charge card?

Save up to 7% on fees

It's common practice for major banks and other competitors to charge a variety of fees with confusing names.

These fees quickly add up and through our comparison of the market often get over 5% and as high as 7%. At Cape, we don't mark up the rate we receive, we simply pass it on.

No hidden costs

We don’t bake any margin into our FX spend - what you see is what you get.

That means we convert the money you spend in foreign currency at the same conversion rate available to us, we don't add processing fees or charge a currency conversion fee.

Better acceptance than prepaid cards

Unlike prepaid providers, we’re a charge card and are accepted more widely.

What does this mean? Certain businesses don't want to accept prepaid cards as they present some risk, especially where it happens offline in case the merchant is unable to check the balance, or where there is a possibility that the end transaction fee is greater than the start, e.g. car hire, or taxi rides.

Worldwide spending

As a Mastercard principal member your teams can securely spend in 190 countries, 140 currencies, and 35 million locations.

Whether you're buying goods or services such as SaaS subscriptions from abroad, or travelling and have expenses, the Cape card's acceptance has you covered.

Corporate charge card

We load our funds onto your card in advance, meaning you're able to boost your cash flow!

Charge cards are typically used across a month and then paid back either immediately or shortly after the month end. This means you gain critical time to ensure you can make your money go further.

Do you qualify for a Cape card?

Your business is a Pty Ltd company
You have been in business for over 12 months
Your annual turnover exceeds AUD$75,000
Cape is a trading name of Cape Pty Ltd. We are registered in Australia (Australian Business Number 83 654 770 199). Our registered office address is WOTSO Manly, 19-21 South Steyne, Manly, NSW 2095