Unlock business spending insights with Fractal by Cape

Is overspending a constant headache in your business?

As your transaction volume increases, managing expenses becomes increasingly complex. Staying on top of SaaS subscriptions across teams, redundant costs and out-of-policy spending can be time-consuming and overwhelming for the finance team. 

Wouldn’t it make more sense that software like Cape automatically analysed spending patterns from your team, alerted you when they approached their budget, assessed your company’s SaaS subscriptions to find duplicates, and benchmarked your expenditure against others in your industry to find insights and savings?

That’s our vision for Fractal - the automated analytics layer of Cape’s expense management platform that provides real-time spending insights to our customers based on industry benchmarks, banking data, and corporate card spend. 

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released the first stage of Fractal into the wild, the spending insights dashboard.

What is the spending insights dashboard?

You can see the spending insights dashboard inside your Cape account. It’s a tool that provides real-time visibility into your budget utilisation, monthly spending, and employee activity.

Your spending insights are aggregated from all corporate card transactions and presented in an easy-to-understand visual format.

If you hover over the graphic elements, you can see where your historical monthly spend is and how much budget you have left in your cycle:

Want to go deeper into the details? No worries, scroll down in your dashboard to see a budget breakdown by employee:

Keep scrolling to analyse spending data at a transaction level and assess what has been synced with your accounting software for reconciliation (if you’re connected via our Xero pilot program):

What are the benefits of Cape’s spending insights dashboard?

Here’s a snapshot of why we built this dashboard and how it could benefit your business:

  • Increased visibility into spending patterns: With a snapshot of your team’s spending, you can see where your money is going and identify where you may be able to cut costs or reduce wastage.
  • Monitor budget allocation and limits: Quickly view how much budget your company has available and whether or not each employee is getting close to their limit. This way, you can redistribute your total limit among the team to ensure optimal productivity.
  • Streamlined expense reporting: You can easily generate reports to present to stakeholders or to use for further analysis by downloading your transaction data. You’ll also get a snapshot of which transactions have been synced with accounting software, meaning you don’t need to analyse every minor detail to reconcile your accounts. 
  • Stay on top of repayments: At the top of your dashboard, you’ll find the date of your next mandatory payment so you can make sure you have enough funds in your bank account to cover the cycle’s expenses. 

Cape’s spending insights dashboard is useful for businesses looking to manage and understand their expenses effectively. By accessing real-time visibility into spending patterns and allowing for easy data analysis, you can make informed decisions about future expenses and save money.

The cool part? This is just the beginning for Fractal…

What’s next for Fractal?

Phase two of Fractal is already in testing with our customers on the ‘Scale’ plan receiving a monthly spending insights report. These reports include:

  • Company spending trends
  • A breakdown of savings thanks to Cape’s best-in-market FX rates and duplicate subscription identification
  • Recommended savings based on an analysis of banking data and corporate card spend
  • Earnings insights
  • Cashflow analysis and projections

We will continue testing these reports and getting feedback before automating the process and rolling it out across other plan tiers. 

Want insights into your business spending? Sign up for Cape today.

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard

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