Cape partners with Mastercard to bring exclusive corporate travel benefits to customers

What if you could access world-class airport lounges and restaurants at exclusive discounts all while having access to FX fee free corporate cards and a tailored expense management platform?

Well now you can! We’re proud to announce that we have partnered with Mastercard Travel Pass provided by DragonPass to give every Cape cardholder access to 1,300+ airport lounges in more than 140 countries and bring you seamless and secure corporate travel nirvana as part of our travel rewards solution.

The Mastercard Travel Pass is a digital solution that gives travelers access to a growing number of perks, whether that’s relaxing in a comfortable environment like Marhaba Lounge at Dubai International Airport, enjoying meals or drinks at discounted prices at New York’s JFK, or accessing airport information on the UK’s Heathrow with ease.

Coupled with Cape's corporate cards with spend controls and limits tailored to your business and no transaction fees, cardholders can enjoy traveling without having to worry about overspending, accumulating thousands in FX fees, or tap-to-pay restrictions. 

Cape aims to simplify and streamline the financial processes of every business and The Mastercard Travel Pass is an extension of this philosophy, allowing Cape users to take control of their finances while traveling for work with peace of mind. As we continue evolving our travel rewards, we’re changing the way people travel and spend money abroad and at home.

How do you connect your Cape account to Mastercard Travel Pass?

The great thing is, any Cape cardholder on Essential and Scale plans can access this benefit!  Whether it’s redeeming their one lounge pass or endless restaurant discounts and handy travel info.

As a digital product, Cape partners with Mastercard Travel Pass via your linked Cape account and their centralised app which is available on most OSs with a super easy set-up:

Mobile Set-Up

  1. Download the Mastercard Travel Pass app on your mobile device through the Google Play Store or Apple App store
  2. Sign-up with your Cape account (this will require your Cape card’s mastercard details alongside your name and contact details)
  3. You’re officially connected! (Take note of your new membership number for future reference)

Desktop Set-Up

  1. Using your preferred browser, navigate to the Mastercard Travel Pass website and register your details (the same as the Mobile set-up)
  2. You’ll receive an e-certificate in the email you used to sign-up as confirmation with your unique membership number
  3. Print this e-certificate to redeem your Travel Pass perks in the airport

How do I use the Travel Pass mobile app?

When using the app, take note of the first page with your card. This features a custom 16-digit membership number unique to you and will be very important when redeeming your travel perks which we’ll walk you through next

Lounge Access

  1. You will receive a real-time alert on the app of your nearest airport which you can update as your current airport (ie. where you’ll be departing from)
  2. Click on the lounge symbol and scroll through to identify and choose the lounge you want to use
  3. Once selected, you will receive an entitlement reminder as a pre-empted receipt of the offer purchased and with the cost for extra optional guests displayed
  4. Accept this charge for your card and any guest(s) BEFORE entry 
  5. You will receive a unique QR code which can be redeemed by showing it to the concierge at your chosen lounge. Now kick back and relax. 

Dining Discounts

  1. As above, you will receive a real-time alert on the app of your nearest airport which you can update as your current airport
  2. Click on the restaurant symbol and scroll through to identify and choose your desired restaurant 
  3. Once selected, click the “Redeem” button below to access your unique QR code
  4. Redeem the discount or offer by showing this QR code at the respective restaurant. Bon appetit!

Travel Information

  1. Click on the “Travel Information” banner at the top of the homepage
  2. Fill in the fields of your departing, layover, and destination airports and departure date as well as those on your return flight
  3. The latest travel information and regulations for those airports will appear including visa, document and COVID requirements as well as travel and transit restrictions
  4. Switch between departing and returning journeys to read the different travel information.  

Overall, this Pass is a game-changer for corporate travel. Alongside our platform and corporate cards, we’re transforming the way people manage their finances while on the go. We’re continuing to amplify our product offerings with more benefits, rewards and value-added services to bring you complete expense nirvana, whether that’s managing your finances efficiently and effectively or traveling for work comfortably and conveniently. So keep an eye out for more exciting updates!

Click here for Mastercard Travel Pass provided by DragonPass terms and conditions.

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard

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