Cape teams up with Mastercard to restore the world’s forests, one tree at a time

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard
November 24, 2022

We’re proud to announce that Cape is participating in the prestigious Mastercard Priceless Planet Coalition, which is committed to restoring 100 million trees by 2025. 

The Priceless Planet Coalition has 18 restoration projects worldwide, ensuring we can maximise our climate, community and biodiversity commitments.

We’re “Uniting as a force for good so that our planet can thrive.”

The Priceless Planet Coalition is just one part of our goal of becoming a sustainability leader in the APAC region. Social impact and sustainability underpins Cape’s culture, product, partnerships, and spirit.

For example, our corporate cards are made using recyclable materials, we’re on our way to achieving B Corp status, and are working to integrate purpose and impact into our day-to-day operations. Read more about our sustainability initiatives here.

What does the Priceless Planet Coalition actually do?

Here are a few examples of the enormous impact this program is having on the environment and what Cape’s contribution will aid in the future:

  • Tonle Sap Lake’s flooded forest in Cambodia. Improving the resilience of the region to climate change and enhancing the habitat of endangered animal species. Restoration target: 219,980 trees
  • Restoration in Madagascar. Aiming to restore the watershed for the largest lake in Madagascar that provides water to a primary rice-growing region. Restoration target: 2,000,000 trees
  • Protecting a biodiversity hotspot in Brazil. This project aims to restore the Atlantic Forest biome, a conservation hotspot with various protected areas. Restoration target: 2,000,000 trees

Want to learn more? Read about the coalition here.

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard
November 24, 2022