How Aurabox empowered their staff with Cape

Phoebe Fordham
June 29, 2023

In this case study, Dr. Chaturica Anthukorala, the Founder, CEO, and Radiologist of revolutionary MedTech AuraBox, dives into how Cape has helped her company grow whilst empowering Aurabox's employees with their own corporate cards backed by spend controls, the brand new Cape App, and zero transaction fees.

Who is Aurabox?

Aurabox is a fast-growing MedTech company. Aurabox is a cloud-based medical asset management system which allows doctors to access, view and share a patient's entire imaging history on one platform, regardless of where and when the imaging was obtained.

Why did Aurabox sign up for Cape?

Sneaky SaaS subscriptions weighing cash flow down

Being a MedTech, Aurabox relies heavily on state-of-the-art technology to keep the company going, so they need to keep company software spending in check, including the substantial international transaction fees associated with some of these software subscriptions.

Mounting fees and a team with one corporate card

At first, the Aurabox team were all co-located in Canberra. As the company grew and new team members joined from other capital cities, Aurabox needed the infrastructure to enable all team members the ability to spend on its behalf. For employees, company spending was often a reimbursement after the fact.

As the team grew, so did international transaction fees as more staff seats were added to SaaS subscriptions.

The Solution

“Getting started with Cape was easy. We were able to connect our bank account and start inviting team members within a day.” 

Cape streamlined Aurabox’s expense management process by syncing with the existing accounting vendor, Xero. Cape was able to set up a seamless connection to push all non-payroll-related expenses incurred across all Aurabox’s Cape-issued cards into a direct bank feed from Xero.

With the ability to issue unlimited physical credit cards, Dr Chaturica gained unprecedented control over the company’s card program. They could issue cards with recurring limits to individual employees and then maintain visibility into every transaction across the company. This effectively eliminated zombie subscriptions and helped them identify actionable savings insights.

“With Cape, my employees are empowered to spend in a conscious and easy manner. We’re looking forward to the Cape app coming online too which will give our team even more convenience and time back in their day. ”

Want to save time and money with Cape like Aurabox? Get started here.

Phoebe Fordham
June 29, 2023