How Portant streamlined its accounting processes by integrating Cape with Xero

Phoebe Fordham
December 15, 2022

Cape’s integration with Xero eliminates a significant amount of manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors and saving time. 

It also gives you real-time visibility into expenses, making it easier to manage cash flow and make informed financial decisions.

For James Fyfe, the CEO of document workflow automation tool, Portant, this was a game changer.

Who is Portant?

Portant eliminates manual work with document automation. It is a document merge and workflow add-on available in the Google Workspace Marketplace. Ideal for sales teams, HR, operations, legal teams, teachers, and more - Portant saves its users tons of time by creating smart workflows between the tools you already use, and increases the accuracy of document creation. 

Here's what James had to say about his experience with Cape:

What interested you in Cape?

“I was immediately attracted to Cape because of its simplicity. My company, Portant is on a mission to delete repetition from your workday, and Cape complements that perfectly with a streamlined integration with Xero for accounting automation.” James Fyfe 

What other benefits have you experienced?

“It's also a game-changer paying zero FX fees on our overseas card transactions like SaaS subscriptions.

We've moved across our cards from one of the big banks, and the drop in FX fees alone is saving us tons of money.” James Fyfe

Want to save time and money with Cape like Portant? Get started here.

Phoebe Fordham
December 15, 2022