Why Abodable chose Cape over traditional capital

Phoebe Fordham
March 28, 2023

We love helping our customers solve real business problems - from cashflow shortfalls to slow-moving expense workflows - hearing the customer success stories makes all the hard times worthwhile.

In this case study, we hear from Jake Baird, the Co-Founder of the growing proptech platform, Abodable.

Jake shares why they chose Cape to help save time, money, and resources.

So let's dive in and see how Abodable has better managed its expenses with Cape.

Who is Abodable?

Abodable is a proptech platform that makes property more affordable. When you buy online, you keep the sales commission of anywhere from 2-10% and get a full cash rebate to use towards your deposit. You can leverage the sales commission to save years off repayments and thousands in interest.

Why did you sign up for Cape?

“We signed up to Cape in 2022. Our business has lumpy cashflow (like lots of others), and Cape is the superhero sidekick to our company.

We're able to solve short term cashflow by using our card. In addition to that, we've saved tons in FX fees from our international staff members.” Jake Baird

Was it easy to get set up?

“Onboarding was simple and much easier to get approval versus traditional capital.

If you're looking to save money and get better cashflow, this is your best option by far.” Jake Baird

‍Want to save time and money with Cape like Abodable? Get started here.

Phoebe Fordham
March 28, 2023