How Basiq save time and money with Cape by empowering functional spend

Phoebe Fordham
Phoebe Fordham
November 23, 2022

In our latest Cape Study installment, we meet Ryan Manoo from Basiq. 

Basiq is an open banking and CDR-accredited API platform for businesses building financial solutions for their customers. As part of Basiq’s finance team, Ryan plays an integral role in helping the company manage expenses, control budgets and spend, and collate financial data to inform their forecasted cash flow.

Read below how Cape has helped Basiq save time and money without the complexity and obstacles of a traditional credit provider, allowing them to empower each function company-wide. 

Who are you and what does your business do?

Hi, My name is Ryan Manoo, and I'm in the finance team over here at Basiq.

Basiq is an open finance API platform, and we provide Fintech’s with the ability to access, consented financial data and execute smart data driven payments. 

What was the problem you had that made you search for a company like Cape?

We were looking for a solution that enabled us to have control around spend, especially at an individual functional level.

Using many SaaS-based subscriptions, we wanted to minimise foreign exchange fees, which is another reason we use Cape.

Why did you choose Cape?

For one, Cape is really simple and easy to set up compared to setting up business credit cards from a bank which can take ages, Cape provided such a simple process and also provided a really simple solution that enabled us to manage spend controls as well as budgeting and, of course, saving on foreign exchange fees was also a key benefit for us.

We can have multiple cards that we can use within the organisation as it enables each functional area to save time and money and manage our spend.

What tangible outcomes have you seen since using Cape?

We managed to save on foreign exchange fees with our SaaS subscription services. 

From a budgeting and time perspective, it saved the finance team a whole heap of time.

What is your favourite movie?

Oh, my favourite movie has to be The Untouchables. It's a movie about an unlikely friendship. It's meaningful, it's funny, and it's got a killer soundtrack.

Thanks, Ryan

Using Cape, Basiq is able to power up its people, payments and policies with our small but mighty corporate cards and powerful expense management platform

From saving time and money across functions with automated expense reporting, spend controls, and analytics, to having access to multi-cards that enable employees company-wide to spend and save, to avoiding hefty FX fees on SaaS subscriptions: Cape is perfect for startups, scaleups and mid-sized enterprises.

Want to experience all these benefits? Sign up here.

Phoebe Fordham
Phoebe Fordham
November 23, 2022

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