How Novus Recruitment saves thousands on business travel and SaaS with Cape

Phoebe Fordham
March 16, 2023

There’s a reason we use the acronym SAVE to articulate our values. Saving businesses time and money is embedded in everything we do at Cape.

And, of course, it’s always great reinforcement that we’re on the right track when our customers see the benefits of what we do!

In this case study, we hear from Tom Wood, the Co-Founder of Novus Recruitment Solutions, on how they save tons of money on business travel and SaaS subscriptions with Cape.

Who is Novus Recruitment Solutions?

Novus is an award-winning specialised IT recruitment partner focusing on Software Engineering in the Sydney market.

Their mission is to be the number one software development recruitment partner in Sydney, and they’re making tremendous strides to turn that into a reality.

Here's what Tom had to say about his experience with Cape:

Why did you sign up for Cape?

“Cape's Spend Management platform and Corporate cards have been a game changer in helping our business save thousands $$$ in comparison to the FX fees we were being charged when using Amex on international business trips and paying for SaaS subscriptions charged in a foreign currency.” Tom Wood

What are your favourite features?

“We've been on board since the Beta program and have been super impressed with the speed they are constantly adding new features to improve the service each month.

The new receipt capture and Xero integration in particular is a huge time saver for our team. Love your work guys!” Tom Wood

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Phoebe Fordham
March 16, 2023