How one digital marketing agency curbed FX fees with Cape

Phoebe Fordham
January 12, 2023

In our latest Cape Study, we meet Sam Rix from So Shall We

So Shall We is an integrated marketing agency with expertise in a wide range of marketing and content specialisations with clients across the globe.

Discover how Cape has saved time and money for So Shall We, allowing them to provide employees with their own corporate cards powered by tailored spend controls while also helping them save a significant amount on FX fees when working with international clients.

Who are you and what does your business do?

G’day, my name is Sam Rix, and I run a digital marketing agency here in Sydney called So Shall We. We focus on Google, social media advertising, content, videography, animation, graphic design, and photography.

What was the problem you had that made you search for a company like Cape?

We have the luxury of working with international clients, a lot of them being in America and Canada. Cape was a good solution to save when spending overseas, wherever we have clients. The fees internationally were something that was really appealing to us, and we went in that direction.

Why did you choose Cape?

We went with Cape after having checked out a few major competitors just because the interface was really, really clean. The ability to have cards for both myself and my staff was also appealing. Customer service was excellent and we discussed potentially coming on. So yeah, that was the main reason. And it's Sydney based and it's easy. So we thought we would back a new up and comer.

What tangible outcomes have you seen since using Cape?

We saw a massive drop in international fees when we started and that was very helpful for our bottom line. We spend quite a lot in the international market, so that's been a massive outcome for us and we will keep using our cards and accounts for those international clients due to the savings that we've made.

Who would you trade lives with for a day and why?

I recently had my first child nine months ago, so I'd probably like to swap with my wife for a day and, you know, spend some time with the kids being a dad. So, yeah, that's my answer. I'd go with my wife.

Thanks, Sam!

Phoebe Fordham
January 12, 2023